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Enabling travelers to store their profiles in a blockchain...

Today's traveler information is stored on a wide variety of centralized platforms (profiles on websites, OTA websites, airline websites, loyalty programs). Consumers using these platforms have to keep up with a variety of challenges such as privacy, GDPR, and managing access for all these platforms. The idea would be to create a decentralized and neutral platform that:

  • enables travelers to manage their profiles at a single location (privacy settings, contact settings, vaccination, mobile device, travel preferences and more).
  • enhances the traveler's journey by enabling travel providers ( websites, OTA websites, airline websites, and loyalty programs )  to access a traveler's decentralized profile.

The advent of a decentralized platform will drive and enhance the development of technology integrations that increase traveler satisfaction such as:

  • Faster booking process
  • Enhanced check-in process (bypass front desk)
  • Onsite guest communication and messaging
  • Optimize guest experience by knowing guest preferences
  • Manage multiple loyalty programs in a single location
  • And a whole lot more...

The initiative could be initiated by an NGO like IATA with the active support of the large players in the field (airlines, lodging brands and OTA's).



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Chad Porter Mar 8, 2021

It's a great idea that would require a lot of collaboration, but in the end would be best for consumers. Considering how far behind some are (airline) in the data game (though not all their fall - FAA issues in the US) this would be herculean to launch and now is the perfect opportunity to embark upon it.

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Maddy Madhavan Mar 13, 2021

There are various projects which are already considering Single Sovereign Identity, to power the 'ultimate truth' platform. Data collection, standardization, processing power and speed challenges with the earlier blockchain is not best suited for the transaction heavy Travel industry. (proof of work vs. proof of stake)

There is great amount of excitement in the blockchain developers (led by Ethereum) to scale networks. As the technology is evolving there is greater hope of bringing an integrated platform to light sooner. C-19 pandemic has helped speed up adoption of blockchain in Travel. There is more confidence in the technology to power #travelsafe passport which will speed up travel recovery globally. This is a good start indeed.

Having said that, personalisation in travel & traveler experience is a separate discussion which need not essentially involve blockchain at all. Cloud technologies and DataScience (AI/ML) application has a long way to go in travel. We have barely scratched the surface.

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