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How can the process of planning a trip be reimagined to increase a traveler’s satisfaction?

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How can trip planning be reimagined to increase a traveler’s satisfaction?  Research, booking, travel, and destination experience - so many channels, avenues, and options - what ideas out there simplify the journey and create ease for our guests!



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Group site inspections via VR

This idea is for improving group travel site inspections.  Typically costly and time consuming as well as becoming more scrutinized by the client, much could be accomplished through VR site inspections.  I see the possibility of narrowing down the destination/hotel options pretty easily through well crafted VR that can actually walk the decision maker through the property showing where checkin, ballrooms, outdoor facilities, etc. would be and determine what shortcomings a property might have...

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Take the research and guessing work out of their hands, at least for now.

Build packages or lists of items in the local area that are up and running during all of this and especially when we see a mass return.  Themes like sports, outdoors, indoors, family friendly, couples, romance, etc.  Build shareable docs to send to guests via email when you receive inquiries.   Share these packages on your hotels website.   Able to be booked on the site is +++  Many folks can agree, the internet hasn't been the greatest source of what is open and what is not, even...

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Enabling travelers to store their profiles in a blockchain...

Today's traveler information is stored on a wide variety of centralized platforms (profiles on websites, OTA websites, airline websites, loyalty programs). Consumers using these platforms have to keep up with a variety of challenges such as privacy, GDPR, and managing access for all these platforms. The idea would be to create a decentralized and neutral platform that: enables travelers to manage their profiles at a single location (privacy settings, contact settings,...

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See what other travelers are doing!

I'm sure everyone is looking for ways to travel safe and I believe my fellow travelers have great ideas for itineraries at the location. Can you recommend me blog posts by other travelers or have a TV streaming photos of traveler's trips at this location? This would help give me more ideas for trips and also get to know my fellow travelers better! 

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use technology to assist the traveler in planning

The traveler may opt in to have their online searches and purchases saved as well to have the various stages of travel integrated (train, airplane, hotel, restaurants, concerts, hiking, etc).   Use AI or machine learning technologies among others  to make suggestions to the traveler and as the traveler books and reviews more, traveler satisfaction hopefully will increase and time planning will fall. 

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Travelers no longer know what to expect on their trip - what are the new policies and procedures? will I have access to all the amenities? how should I plan differently than I maybe have before? All of these questions provide an opportunity for us to be even more explicit about what guests can expect on their journey. There are pages and pages of FAQs but, show me. When you show me what to expect, I can better translate that into what that means for my journey and how to plan. Show me...

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