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Group site inspections via VR

This idea is for improving group travel site inspections.  Typically costly and time consuming as well as becoming more scrutinized by the client, much could be accomplished through VR site inspections.  I see the possibility of narrowing down the destination/hotel options pretty easily through well crafted VR that can actually walk the decision maker through the property showing where checkin, ballrooms, outdoor facilities, etc. would be and determine what shortcomings a property might have compared to another.  One could review multiple destinations in a day or two and only visit the best contender to confirm everything.  This could be an overall savings for all involved.

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Lauren Kovach Mar 17, 2021

The efficiencies gained here could be so helpful! It's a new world and we are all adjusting to new ways of working. Organizations are recognizing the cost savings through travel that may be deemed less critical. Enabling these teams to embrace and invest in more critical group travel and innovating around ways to help them do this is a great idea.

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Barrett C Mar 18, 2021

You had me at VR! such an interesting concept, especially these days. For the folks who have yet to experience the latest and greatest in VR Technology, my boss and I thought we were going to fall off of a catwalk into a burning put of lava in the Star Wars VR at The Venetian.

A huge advantage in 2021, is you have several major players in the VR marketplace; Facebook, Microsoft, AutoDesk, etc, and with that you can bet some lofty investment strategies around innovation.

Another interesting addition to VR is AR (augmented reality) and also some major players present there with Apple and again Microsoft leading the charge. Super super interesting stuff happening here!

What a great concept. Thank you for sharing this!

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