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How can organizations create a hospitable environment in a contactless society?

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Contactless technology is quickly redefining hospitality as we’ve come to know it. The tech is here to stay, so let’s hear your great ideas about how our industry can embrace new technologies and innovate, while maintaining the hallmark of hospitality—the human touch.



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"Restaurant responsiveness in times of crisis" - making strategic decisions and implementing them in day-to-day business operations in a short time and with reduced resources -

"Restaurant responsiveness in times of crisis" - making strategic decisions and implementing them in day-to-day business operations in a short time and with reduced resources - author: Enrik Gjoka Introduction The aim of this project is to develop rapidly and in a structured way the adaptability of the catering sector.   One of the critical factors for a company is its ability to react and adapt to changing environments, especially when dealing with a crisis as complex as the...

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Change to adapt: Observations & thoughts about restaurant & hotel operations

The pandemic challenges the restaurant industry to adapt to the new changes quickly. Being able to remain flexible is the key to survival. For example, restaurants must: Continue focusing on mobile ordering,  contactless self-service , curbside pickup, and delivery services. Redesign the entrance to promote easy pickup and delivery services. Allow for more flexibility in changing the dining room layout (e.g., moving tables and chairs around or removing some tables/chairs away to...

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Voice activated in room tablets

While voice activation will not always be necessary, it provides a comfort now as does limiting the number of devices in the hotel room.  Tablets can be personalized to individuals...and even to trigger interaction, which is NOT likely via mobile apps alone.  (An app is a destination the guest may not go to but a tablet welcoming them into the room is inviting). Everything could be handled from the tablet from the TV to lights to room service to concierge services to late check...

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Walk before you run....

In terms of how you are trying to personalize the guest experience without being in-person.  Start with the basics using Know-Your-Customer (KYC) data and build/scale from there.  Using small pieces of insider knowledge  data, like life events demographics, is a great way to bring the experience up a notch and combining tools like Medallia Inbound Feedback Capture and Guest Profiles can enhance that by allowing your staff to link info from your PMS system, or information they learned via...

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Contactless contextual service

Thinking about what good service means to me. It’s timely and relevant service when I need and want it. I already get too many messages from different channels every day. I already find it hard to separate the important and useful ones from the ones that are just polite and solicitous. I really don’t want a few more from restaurants and hotels just to welcome me, wish me happy birthday or to provide me with some cross-selling information.   However, when I do need something, I would like...

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Video Messaging with Guest - Especially VIP

Text has become a huge platform when it comes to hotels interacting with their guest but what if they mimicked the old check-in experience with a front desk agent via video.  This could be an option for guest that want to ask specific questions or need a personal touch.  This could also just be used for VIP loyalty level guest to welcome them back to the property or just create a personal touchpoint to further increase loyalty.

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Modernize the Contact Center

This is borrowed from one of our partners... link to the full article below: As more guests feel comfortable interacting with brands contactless the key will be in the execution. Designing a new contact center from the ground up to be omnichannel, providing a seamless experience across voice, chat, social, email, google, apple, etc for your customers and agents will be paramount.  Creating one set of tools for skills-based routing, task management, powerful real-time and historical...

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hospitality does not have same meaning to all

offer the guest experiences based upon the specific guest's preferences 

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Contactless communication

Everyone texts, everyone reads their texts and text can be personal.  Hospitality providers can use what they know about their guests from the PMS and CRM to make it super personal.  Send a pre-arrival message to a guest preparing them for their stay. Signing off with an emoji or from a specific employee who will greet them.  Looking at customer profile information to see if it's a birthday, anniversary or return visit to the property helps show the guest that the hotel knows their customer....

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